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  • Congratulation, Devang and Niradha!

    Congratulations to Devang Khambhati and Niradha Sachinthani for the acceptance of their article in Chemical Communication (April 2017)

  • Congratulations to Paula and Santosh!

    Congratulations to Paula Hopson and Santosh Adhikari for the acceptance of their article in Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry (Oct. 2016)

  • Congratulations to Paula!

    Congratulations to Paula Hopson for successfully completing her Ph.D. qualifying exams. (Oct. 2016)

  • Congratulations to Santosh!

    Congratulations to Santosh Adhikari for successfully completing his Ph.D. qualifying exams. (Dec. 2016)

  • Congratulations to Niradha!

    Congratulations to Niradha Sachinthanifor successfully completing her Ph.D. qualifying exams. (Oct. 2016)


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